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Saturday, November 22, 2003
Losing It

I'm forcing myself to stay in front of the PC 'cuz it's easier to breathe sitting up than lying down.  So full of medicine that I'm starting to get stabbing pains around the kidney area.  Shet da puet.

Watched the news on Channel 2 last night where they showed footage of an interview with Miriam at her son's wake.  Much as I detest the woman's politics, and her, too, if I were to be honest, my heart broke for her.  In the beginning of the interview, she was fighting valiantly to hold back the tears.  As it progressed, however, she lamented the fact that he didn't tell her he had flunked constitutional law.  She couldn't understand how he could have kept it from her, they being so close and all that.  At this point, she wailed, "It's my fault!  It's my fault!"  God, my hair stood on end. 

When I switched to Channel 7, there she was, being interviewed live by Vicky Morales.  The transformation was eerie.  Miriam was all smiles as she spoke about her loss, as though it were something so disconnected from her.  Towards the end of the interview, Vicky said, "Ma'am, there are only 35 days to Christmas.  I'm sure this is going to be a difficult Christmas for you."  To which Miriam says in a singsong voice, "Oh, yes, we are certainly going to miss him very much," sabay ngiti.  It was unnerving, to say the least.  Maybe they gave her the same pills they gave Loi that made her smile and wave at the cameras on the way out of Malacanang.  Must've been the kindest thing to do under the circumstances.  How does one survive something like this?  It is so sad.

Allow me, for a minute, to be dispassionate and clinical about it.  Don't you think this was poetic justice?  Constitutional law, of all things!  It was Miriam's forte and she loved to run circles around us with it.  As for the gun, do you recall how she brandished it when informed that she was about to be picked up for questioning in connection with the May 1 attack on Malacanang?  Must've been excruciating for Jun Santiago, too, because it was his gun the son used. The macho thing was in play.  The Inquirer quoted him as saying, "Lalaki naman yan, e.  Tinuturuan ko talaga mamaril yan," or something to that effect.  Be that as it may, AR's suicide was still a tragedy.

Did you guys see the 2-page ad of Bangon! in Thursday's Inquirer?  There was a front page article about it in Thursday's edition of Today, too.  And one in yesterday's Inquirer.  What do you think of it?

Posted at 11:27 pm by Blue Nun
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Saturday, October 25, 2003
Will it Ever End?

I guess we all have been to busy to blog. I miss reading your blogs. It's getting tiring working on a cause. I don't know how these activists and militants do it. They must be so dedicated. Do they ever have time for fun? Yesterday was a very pleasant lunch, thanks Blue Nun and Porpolhaze. Although we did talk about our project, there was just too much gossip to catch up on. Don't worry Red Lobster, we only talked about you a little bit. I'm looking forward to our dinner out on the 30th, I hope none of you poop out. Or else we'll talk about you for sure.

I am just so tired of the stupidity of our politicians. They don't realize that they are cutting their noses despite their ugly faces. Here we go again. We have to wear black na naman on Monday to show support for Davide. If someone calls for a rally, I guess we would have to go. Although it's getting old really fast, I guess we have to keep at it. Nakakaloka na talaga. What is the matter with these lawmakers.

No wonder Filipinos of today have such shallow expectations. All they think about is TV entertainment, karaoke, dancing, smut and worse, drugs. Life is just too rough out here. Every afternoon I see commuters having to wade through the endless traffic, the smog, the rudeness of the drivers. When they get home, they have to cook, launder, keep up with the kids, fend off an abusive husband. And then the cycle starts again in the morning, when they have to prepare for work with the meager salaries. Dickensian na talaga, kawawa naman. The few who the means to not have to go through this, guard this privelege so selfishly. Nobody seems to know the meaning of the word egalitarian.

Uh-oh, I better stop this, I'm getting depressed again. I think I'll go shopping. Bye!

Posted at 01:47 pm by T2Green
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Thursday, October 23, 2003
California was the Culprit

Doesn't it make you feel good that we did something proactive to help stop our deteriorating political situation. I was thinking that some of these letters can also be addressed to Susan Roces. It is she who is very much against FPJs running for president. He is obviously hearing the clamor from people who do not understand the implications of his winning. And, from people who want to use him for their own selfish agendas. Our work is far from over.

What a sorry state of affairs we are in. In the more enlightened societies of this world, this would never happen. But it has also happened in California. Like Red Lobster said "madami kasing Noypi doon." Has this emboldened FPJ into running for the higest office of our land? Probably.

Lets think up of more ways to get the message across to Mr. Poe that we do not want him to run. Have you ever heard him give a speech much less speak in English? Someone told me that she was at a party where he was also a guest and he said to her, "Do you want a peanuts?" Oh God.

This man definitely needs to seriously wake up and smell the coffee. He himself does not understand the implications of his winning. It is all ego that is working him up. We need to stop him. I am posting our open letter in POBAP blog. Lets go girls!!!

Posted at 10:47 am by T2Green
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An Open Letter to Mr. Fernando Poe, Jr.

Dear Mr. Poe,

We are ordinary citizens with no political affiliation. We do not support any particular candidate. Therefore, we have no other agenda except our deep and unfailing allegiance to our country and the Filipino people. It is from this loyalty that we draw our courage to write you this letter.

We have heard that you are running for president. If you love your country, we urge you, please reconsider this decision. We all know you will win because of your tremendous popularity as a movie hero. You have earned the esteem and admiration of the Filipino people and to many, you have come to represent a promise of hope.

The task of governing our country that is beset with problems is much more complex today than it was many years ago. At this moment in our history we need a leader who can gain the confidence, respect and trust of the international community. An increase in foreign investments is necessary. It is imperative that we stimulate our capital market with a platform of government that is specific and credible not only to our people but to the world. While we are certain that the masses are your primary concern, you cannot ignore the class of people whose abilities are critical in order to propel us forward. Our OFWs are true heroes but we also need their talents here at home to give us the competitive advantage we so badly need. Unfortunately, it is this highly marketable group that is taking their capabilities elsewhere to the benefit of other countries, not ours.

Expert leadership is the only way we can extricate our people from poverty. It is the very masses who worship you and will vote you into office who will suffer the most, if the ship of state is not maneuvered masterfully.

We can no longer afford to think in a parochial manner. We need a leader who will make the Philippines a competitive player in the global market. Our economy is at its breaking point. It can no longer bear any effort at destabilization.

You have secured an untarnished reputation as an artist and we acknowledge that your contribution to Philippine cinema has been significant. We believe, however, that the presidency of this country will best be served by one who has the proper background and experience to enable our beloved Philippines to be part of the global community — not as an aid recipient but as contributor to the enhancement of this world we all live in.

Winning will be effortless. Governing, on the other hand, will not be an easy task. We are, historically, a fractious nation. Consider the toll it will take on your family and the privacy you guard so tightly. We believe that you will be able to contribute much more towards uniting our nation and helping our economy as a private individual--one who wields enormous influence over our less fortunate brothers. We know of the praiseworthy projects you and your wife have undertaken so quietly; your humility is admirable.

It is not too late to reconsider. Please, look back and learn from the Erap episode of our history. Do not let individuals with personal agendas gain undue influence over you. Should your administration fail, it is you, not they, who will pay the price. Let the Filipino people remember you as the man who could have been president but chose not to...because he truly loved his country. We are certain history will judge you not only as a reel hero but as a real hero.

Mabuhay ka, Mr. Poe!

Posted at 10:47 am by T2Green
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Monday, October 20, 2003
Emotional Roller Coaster of a Weekend

I missed most of yesterday's coverage of the Bush visit because I had guests.  (Had to do with Mom's Lupram so that had to take precedence over everything else.)  I thought I would catch the replays but no such luck.  I was so tired that I fell asleep before midnight. 

I managed to watch the arrival, though, up to the Malacanang story-telling.  As RedLobster said in her blog, everyone was wondering where Dubya went except for RedLobster and BlueNun.  He didn't fool us for a minute.  It wasn't McDo, RL; it was Jollibee that did him in!  Sabi na nga ba, weapon of mass destruction yang Champ na yan, e.  Kidding aside, it must've been all that exotic raw food he ate in Japan.  Americano talaga....wala na ngang bases, nag-iwan pa ng toxic waste.  At least sa US territory siya nagsabog ng lagim.  I don't believe that it was a planned top-secret sidetrip to the embassy.  If that were the case, why did GMA come out of her office to meet him at the appointed time?  She, at the very least, would have been informed by her guest that he would be making that little stop-over if, indeed, it was planned.  (Ang bastos naman ni Dubya kung hindi man lang niya inabisuhan yung hostess niya.  Terrible breach of protocol, even for someone as casual as he.)  Maniwala kayo--emergency uu-stop yon.   Eight hours lang siya dito, titignan pa niya yung embassy?!  Doesn't add up.  His facial expression at the wreath-laying confirmed our suspicion.   Talagang mukhang hindi pa nailabas lahat ng sama ng loob.  Obvious to those who were on to him, right, RL?

While he was at it, Laura went nuts buying pearls from the Muslims.  That was in line with their support of GMA's programs to boost our economy and promote friendship & understanding between Christians and Muslims.  Para maubos na yang mga terrorist-terrorist na yan.  Magtitinda na lang silang lahat ng perlas.  Focused talaga sila Dubya at Laura sa mission nila to fight terrorism.  Ang galing!

We have to hand it to the Noypwits, girls.  We are world-class.   I couldn't help my tears during the children's show for Laura.  We're so blessed with talent, among many other gifts.  We have a beautiful, diverse culture--truly a melting pot of East and West.  We have so much going for us but we choose to throw it all away.  My heart went out to those little kids.   What kind of future are we bequeathing them?  It was bursting with pride, too, at the sight of Scholasticans performing the way we were taught to perform as little girls.  It was a shining moment for our alma mater.

T2Green, I hear ya re Guingona.  Parang he's blowing hot and cold nga....walang paninindigan.  You have to remember, though, that he is a gentleman of the old school.  He had to do what he had to do, and be gracious about it even if he wanted to spit in the guy's face.  He made his position clear enough anyway, before Bush came.  Good manners and right conduct were the order of the day, I think.  Besides, in the few minutes that they were speaking on the tarmac, I'm sure Georgie-Worgie got some of Tito's spit on his face.  Good enough for me.

As far as "datěng" goes, Dubya wins hands-down in my book.  Ayoko talaga ng lalaking malamán as in Bill Clinton or Al Gore.  I like 'em lean and mean.  Takpan mo na lang ng supot yung mukha.  Cara de estůpido talaga si Dubya.   Charm-wise, he & Bill are even-steven.  Politico talaga.  Did you notice how George was looking at Gloria?  Ang lagkit ng tingin!   Baka crush niya kasi pa-cute nang pa-cute si GMA plus matalino pa.  Try to catch a replay with malice on your mind and you'll see what I mean.

Speaking of replays, I still have to see one.  I caught snippets of his speech before the joint Houses but nothing much registered.  I've been so worn out by my killer schedule that I keep falling asleep soon after I hit the sack.  I haven't seen tuloy who was at the dinner and who wasn't.  Re FVR, RedLobster, that one's as Amboy as Amboy gets.  Must've taken something really important to keep him away from the state dinner, unless he's out of the country.  Maybe his daughter took a turn for the worse?  She's been in ICU in Asian Hospital for several months now, after she was hit by a car here in BF.  I hope that's not why FVR wasn't there.  Poor girl.

Fuck Angara for foisting FPJ on us!   He knows he'll never be president , much as he's lusting for the position, so he did the next best thing (for himself, that is):  Persuade FPJ to run.  He must've told FPJ not to worry; that he would just be a figurehead and that he, Angara, would call the shots.  I wonder if the FPJ/Noli tandem is true.  Baka naman President FPJ, Vice Angara, sabay patatalsikin si FPJ by fair means or foul tapos siya na ang uupo.  Ayoko din sa kanya.   Sobrang trapo.  Wasn't his wife president of the CCP during Erap's time?  Grabe the in-fighting at the CCP then.

Good to have you back, .  For a while there, akala ko ayaw mo na mag-blog, e.   We missed you.

Wow!  What a lengthy blog this turned out to be.  Making up for two days' absence, e.

Posted at 02:52 am by Blue Nun
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Sunday, October 19, 2003
W High, FPJ Low

Dubya's my guy. Bill and Hillary have the charm and the charisma, no doubt, but good old down-home George and Laura scored a lot of points for not listening to paranoid Condi. I felt truly proud to see him here addressing our good-for-nothing-congress and was delighted at watching Laura with the kids from our alma mater no less! I couldn't get enough of the TV coverage. Upon his arrival though, I was so disgusted with Channel 21 anchors for being so full of themselves, I quit watching. But I then relented by the sheer magnitude of the event. Inggit ako kay mole ni Red Lobster who saw it all at Malacanang. Great reporting, hope she remembers more too. I was so high all of Saturday until......

I was told FPJ was finally persuaded by Angara to run. I guess we were lulled into believing that Susan had prevailed on him not to run. POBAPians, this calls for action. We must stop this man. We have to work double hard to defeat him. Lets put our heads together NOW, we can't allow this to happen to us all over again. We will really be the laughing stock of the world. We will never get any respect. He will win if we don't do anything. This is our wake-up call!

Posted at 11:42 pm by T2Green
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Bush Visit: An Insider's Tale

I am trying very hard to keep my head from rolling off my neck but I need to do this to keep my brain fluids from coagulating.  My mom just left leaving us with, as I told you guys, a good lunch and merienda for tomorrow.  Pitik or slipper lobsters wrapped in smoked salmon for starters, lapu-lapu as the main course and chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate shaped in either a boot or a 10-galloon hat for dessert all from Manila Hotel.  Merienda is from the barrio fiesta held before the state dinner and catered by Cibo.  I owe my October 19 fare to the entire Filipino nation.

There are flowers and there are flowers.  They aren't helping my condition at all but they are gorgeous!  Toni Parsons did a wonderful job which was not unnoticed.  Aside from being in awe of the Palace itself, the Bush's couldn't get enough of Philippine flora.  Well, Bangkok and Singapore will be able to give us a run for our money but our local florists can stand proud and tall.  Truly world class.

Lucky for him, Dubya's tripping on the red carpet during the arrival ceremonies inside the palace grounds was not covered by the media.  Klutzy nga, sabi ni BlueNun.  My insider, who had to wear a Secret Service pin on her left collar during the entire time (and got to keep it!), specified that the left foot was the culprit. 

He was a good 30 minutes late for the Batasan (I was asleep and caught his speech only at the end) because the police were unable to contain the protestors.  The most powerful man in the free world was already getting antsy because it was going to delay his flight to Bangkok.  As if he needed to be in the airport on time!  If it was going to be delayed any longer, he threatened, he wasn't going to proceed and this of course sent little brown sister into a sreaming fit.  Wow, did they get it from her!

The jusi was just too itchy for Bush to wear his barong in formal fashion.  Sorry, no cerrada for him never mind if it was a state banquet.  I guess malagkit na rin siya.  If he thinks it was humid in Manila, he's in for a big surprise in Bangkok and Singapore. 

Watching his arrival this lunch time, BlueNun and I were texting each other about his supposedly unscheduled stopover at the US embassy before proceeding to Rizal Park.  Actually, alam ng mga tao sa loob na dadaan siya but security prevented them from mentioning it to anyone.  His stay was long enough for us to build a whole story around that sidetrip.  Nag drive thru muna sa McDo tapos nag dump ng toxic waste sa banyo ng embassy.  While he was having his high level meeting, Laura was deep in her own negotiations with the Muslims from Greenhills who came to Roxas Boulevard with their South Sea pearls.  Queen Sophia, on her last visit to Manila, had asked to visit the tiangge where she ended up spending a fortune.  So since Laura couldn't go to Ortigas, Ortigas would have to come to Laura.  We noticed that he was still cringing while laying the wreath so maybe, we thought, di pa talaga siya tapos. 

Air Force One was originally scheduled to "hang" at Clark and if it did, naka tour sana tayo sa loob.  The Secret Service had planned to open it to a select group and my mole had us in mind.  Sayang, hindi natuloy. 

I am sure she will remember and give me more stories.  For now, based on pogi points alone, they are as follows:  Al Gore & Bill Clinton tie for first place while Dubya is not exactly a close second.  Bill has an edge because during his stay, he jammed with Ming and Executive Band.  Using someone else's sax, he didn't even bother to remove the mouthpiece.  Medyo ewwww, but for whom? 

Question:  My mole said that Cory was very pretty tonight, but where were FVR and Ming?

Good night pipol.  Red Lobster nag-uulat.

Posted at 01:00 am by Sebastian, the Red Lobster
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Saturday, October 18, 2003
Task Force Doobya

Tito Guingona's fucking senile. The day before he was at an anti-US prayer rally and today he was warmly welcoming Doobya to Manila. Did he spit on him while shaking his hand? I guess he forgot. Condy Rice didn't want Doobya to come to Manila saying that it was too dangerous but he insisted. What a macho guy! I had hoped that this would be impetus for him to bring along Rumsfeld and all the US Marines based in Oceanside. No such luck. For now it will have to be Yankee go home and take us with you! I am now waiting for his address to the congress. He should just all give them visas to the US, good riddance. Watch Satur, Etta, et al be first in line. That's why they chose blue for the color of their ribbons, it matches the carpet. 'Di mapapansin ni Doobya masyado.

Yes, Bluenun and Porpolhaze, you do know the story of these poor young girls. It was a celebrated case. The father is my first cousin. It was a double whammy for the entire family because their kids were all victimized by this incident -- collateral damage. The sister is now living in Maryland with the family of another cousin of mine and is doing quite well, coping with her disability. As for the other daughter, she is now as near "normal" as can be. She was never doing any kind of drugs, though it was a lethal combination of weak family values and a lack of parental supervision. A terrible, terrible tragedy.

I had a bug week before last. I lost my voice and had a terrible cough. I thought I had gotten rid of it and went ahead and played golf. It rained. Sure enough, it came back with a vengeance. I don't think I can make it to LB on the 27th nor the 30th. It will just have to be dinner at Vivere. Looks like we will have to schedule it for November. Sorry.

Thanks Bluenun for the greening of my blog. Congrats on your new gown. Go get 'em girl!

Posted at 04:39 pm by T2Green
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Chemical Imbalance

I think you're talking about the same thing, T2Green & PorpolHaze.  That was a celebrated case.  It was all over the media, if I remember correctly.  The blind one comes out on talk shows every now and then--when the topic is sudden change in lifestyle or forgiveness or inspiration.  Makes you wonder how one forgives something like that.  Of course, the perp was suffering from an imbalance in her brain chemistry at the time of the attack but still.....

Yup, the mom I was referring to in my last blog is aware that she is not alone.  This is more common than we care to admit & it appears to have reached epidemic proportions.  What is it--the stress we have to deal with?  Something altering our genes?  Scary!  2 of my 3 lunch guests today have the same problem.  (It was a "Rehab Moms" lunch.  We get together every so often to catch up on each other's lives & on our children's progress.)  These women's sons have what we call a double diagnosis, in rehab terms.  Aside from having become addicted to shabu &/or alcohol, they also have some imbalance in their brain chemistry.  In one case, the imbalance is genetic.  3 out of
4 siblings have it.  E, sinamahan pa ng toma & shabs.  The son has been in & out of rehab for the past 10 years.  In the other case, we're not sure if the imbalance was there to begin with, or if it
developed because of his having messed with substances.  It is a sad state of affairs.  These guys are in their 30's, come from good families, ought to have the world at their feet.....  Sad.  My nephew, the son of Vic, has the exact same thing.  He messed with shabs in his late teens.  When Vic was dying, and immediately after, this boy fell into a depression.  I don't know if he was still drugging during his bout with depression.  He became uncommunicative, unkempt, unmotivated.  A few years later, they discovered a tumor in his brain.  The doctors gamma-rayed it to smithereens but there was very little improvement.  We'll never know if the tumor was there before or after the drugs.  Now, he's in rehab in Bicol, about to complete his program.  Looks like he's getting his act together and wants to give back by working in the facility.  I'm encouraging Evelyn to allow him to continue with his mission.  Sure, he won't be making shit in terms of income, but aside from being in
a supervised environment, he derives a lot of satisfaction from helping others who are the way he was before.  He's set for life financially anyway & it's a noble task he has embarked on.  At the end of the day, money doesn't really count for too much, does it, especially if he'll blow it all on drugs anyway?

Save the coins, T2Green.  They're worth just a little over their face value today but in the future, they'll be worth something; maybe not to you but to whoever you will leave them to.  They don't spoil anyway so what have you got to lose?

RedLobster, why you no blog?  You were out yesterday so I'm assuming you're okay already.  Busy?  Tamad?   na!

You picked up a bug, too, T2Green?  There must be some virus doing the rounds.

That's a good idea, including Oranswit in our paseo plans.  Baka nga makuha sa kulit.  T2Green is right, Oranswit.  You are more than welcome.

It's final then:  T2Green's dinner treat at Vivere on the 30th.  I suggest doing LB another day, though.  The traffic will probably be hellish because of the All Saints' Day exodus to the provinces.  I think the 31st has been declared a holiday in government offices.  How about Monday, the 27th, for Los Banos?  Let me know what you think.

I got my gown this evening, girls.  Aside from being different from everything else that's in the stores, it was given to me at a discount.  YEHEY!!!

Posted at 01:41 am by Blue Nun
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Friday, October 17, 2003

What a relief to know that someone can take care of the POBAPians when ready for the loony bin. I admit though that someone from my extended family had a similar experience with their daughter. This one was a vicious case. This girl took revenge to the outer limits. Talk about premeditated assault. She went to her chemistry lab and put together everyting caustic she get her hands on. She then went home, roused her over-achieving, intelligent, popular and pretty sister from sleep and threw the acid concoction on her face. The poor sister is now blinded and horribly disfigured. They had to send her to the US in the hope that she would regain her eyesight and to repair the damage done to her gastric system (she was able to swallow some of the acid). She is now learning braille and how to become self-sufficient in the pathetic life she has left. The perpetrator daughter was moved from nut house to nut house until finally with the help of Lithium and its variants, she was brought home. My story is just an abbreviated version, there is more to this nightmare. However, it might bring comfort to your friend to know that it happens in other families too. She ain't alone.

Moving on to more pleasant topics, I was given a bunch of coins from the 70's and 80's. Mainly 50 centavo ones with Marcelo H. del Pilar on one side and the Philippine eagle on the other. Remember them? What in Marcos' name can I do with these? Sayang naman to throw it out. I don't think that they are rare and old enough to merit even a once-over by a collector, or are they?. Should I wait another 50 years? Bury them in my backyard? Or should I wait until I build a house and pour them in the foundations? Necklace, bracelet, earrings? Anyone interested? Any suggestions?

Hope you are better Red Lobster. I guess we all got the bug except for Porpolhaze. Tatag mo. I purposely included Oranswit in all our planned outings in the hope that she might eventually plan a trip out here. We would more than welcome the Filipino-Irish-American contingent of POBAP. Barrio fiesta na yan. But for now its dinner at Vivere on the 30th. Okay?

Posted at 12:12 pm by T2Green
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